April Rhymes tickets on sale, plus catch us at a festival in a brewery

Firstly, you can book your tickets now for the next Rhymes! It be happening on 10th April at Bedroom Bar and you can book your tickets here.

If you want in on the open mic ACT FAST, just book a ticket and select open mic. 6 slots available, go go go.

The theme for this one is Play. If you’re performing on the open mic you can write about the theme, or not, we don’t really mind.

In other news, several of us shall be performing at this here festival on 24th May called Hear No Evil. You should come and say hello to us and cheer our poems.

It’s in a brewery so there will be beer, so that’s a bonus. And as an extra special BONUS bonus, it’s all for charity. so you’ll be enjoying us, lots of other cool stuff like music and comedy, and you’ll be supporting Macmillan Cancer Support who support people with cancer. All good things.