From sweaty amateurs to the Fringe

Two sold out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe.
4-star reviews.
How did we get here?!

I distinctly remember the first show Rhymes With Orange did three years ago. Our friends and us packed into the too small, upstairs events room of a pub. The original Oranges all sweating bullets, more from nerves than the sweltering heat – most of us had never written and read stand-up poems before.

Now: Fast-forward to the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the Big Belly space at Underbelly Cowgate is buzzing.

Kim slinks up to the stage wearing a beret and an expression of mock angst. She launches into a melodramatic, clichéd confession of PAIN (oh the pain!)

At first the audience quiets, not sure what to make of it. Then: Thomas leaps up, kicks her off the stage, and tells the audience how it’s actually going to be: shake those rattles! The audience whoops and hollers and we’re off!

It’s another night of raucous, high-energy stand-up poetry that our regular audiences have come to know. The show is especially polished and tight. Each of us performs one poem and introduces the next poet, one after another, ultimately returning to stage multiple time to reprise some of the audiences’ (and our!) favourite pieces from the past few years.

Personally, I was blown away. Having had to bow out after the first year of RWO to study in America, it was a mind blowing to see how much people had grown in the subsequent two years. No more sweaty amateurs playing to their friends. These were supremely confident performers and poets – dare I say professionals? – rocking a fringe audience in a professional venue. Our reviewers agreed, claiming, “[these] writers and poets perform with verve, energy and real commitment.” And that was our first show (THEY SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE SECOND.)

This wasn’t an accident. Lots of work went into the show as the crew honed their favourite material, trialed it at the preview show and rehearsed it repeatedly the days leading up to our first show. The founding members – Kim, Stevie, Rachel, Thomas, and I – along with more recent but seasoned Rhymers, Becky, Ellie, Sam, and Dan, wanted to make sure the audience had a good time and that we showed Underbelly we could bring in a crowd.

In the end, we were happy. The Underbelly was happy. The audience was happy.

And now, we get to start over.

This Thursday, it’s an ALL NEW SHOW.
New pieces for your stand-up poetry pleasure!
Stevie Tyler on the mic as compere.
And who knows? Maybe the seeds of our next sold out show at Fringe!

Hope to see you there!

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Oranges in Edinburgh

This year, for the first time, Rhymes With Orange is sending a crack squad of poets to the Edinburgh Fringe. Their mission has several objectives:
1. To experience the kind of inspiration that can only be found on a five hour train journey.
2. To spread peace, love and oranges to the people of Scotch.
3. To study the effect of longer daylight hours on creativity.
4. To visit the birthplace of Rhymer Thomas and find out why he turned out the way he did.
5. To bring back a year’s supply of Tunnock’s caramel wafers.
6. To find out whether the people of Scotch have any words that rhyme with orange.
But most importantly,
7. To dazzle audiences with a life-changing display of poetical brilliance.

It is a challenging mission, but luckily they have assembled a team so talented that if there were customs officials at the border, each member would be stopped for bringing twice their allowance of genius into the Land of Scotch.

The lineup:

Becky Dennis
The hardest-twerking woman in showbiz. Becky’s performance will include tales of revenge and an unexpected item in a swimming pool.

Stevie Tyler
Twice named Britain’s Filthiest Feminist. Stevie will take the stage to explain why she feels a deep connection with Hannibal Lecter.

Thomas Muirhead
The prodigal son returneth. Thomas has seen a vision of God, but it doesn’t look like you think.


Daniel Piper
Writerly comedian. Dan will take the audience on a dark and deeply personal journey into his soul as he experiments with modern Britain’s two great scourges: drugs and vegetarianism.

Kim Pryor
Super-smart polymath. Kim will lament the march of corporations and technology on childhood, mourning how “apple-bobbing” has come to mean dunking another kid’s iPhone in a bucket.

Ellie Dawes
Unusually committed pyjama-wearer. Ellie has met the real-life Peter Pan and it turns out he’s an insufferable twat.


Rachel Malham
Celebrity watcher. Rachel enters into correspondence with Maggie Gyllenhaal and snarfs a kebab with Kerry Katona.


Sam Wong
The scientist. Sam will employ slippery puns, musical wizardry, and empirical data to refute the hypothesis that there are plenty more fish in the sea.

With this formidable cadre of poets, the mission stands every chance of succeeding.

Rhymes With Orange will perform two shows at Underbelly, Cowgate on 17 and 25 August. Tickets are on sale now from the Underbelly website. The preview show in London on 9 July is almost sold out – BOOK NOW.

Poets on Northey Island & Other Stories

It’s been a busy couple of month’s for us here at Rhymes. We started spring in style with our second ever poetry retreat. Last year there were four of us, the organisers, but this year we stepped it up to 12 people! We decided to run it as a pilot for future such retreats and invited people who <3 Rhymes with Orange, have supported us throughout the year and have got up and done some stuff on the Rhymes stage (more on this in a bit). Next up we had the Hear no Evil festival. We were asked to do a 1 hour slot and got all of our resident poets up to do a couple of their favourite pieces and in a packed out railway arch in Hackney, they really delivered. The audience were predominantly non-poetry and seemed to enjoy every minute. So we hope to introduced a few more people to our rowdy brand of poetry! Lastly, we have a brithday coming up! Our 2nd birthday is on the 19th of June at the Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch at 7.30pm. You can buy tickets here.

So a little mroe about that retreat! Well, one sticky spring day, with hearts full of dreams and bags full of notepads, we headed off on a short 30 minute train and then 40 minute taxi to the remote island of Northey in Malden, Essex. That doesn’t sound to remote or exotic but that’s what charmed us so much to find this little treasure in an Essex estuary! And there, with the rugged island (shipwreck and all) to ourselves, we spent the weekend writing, doing creative exercises, devising plays and partaking in the most epic treasure hunt  of all time (I’m talking birdhuts, shipwrecks, buried treasure, ponds, gypsies…) organised by Ellie and Daisy Dawes. To say it was a productive weekend is an understatement. Everybody who came got poems out of it, many got friends out of it and everyone got a hangover out of it. The feedback was great and we will definitely be running another one later in the year. Probably at the same location because it was so beautiful and private (can only be accessed at low tide!). So watch this space for news of the next epic poetry retreat!

April Rhymes tickets on sale, plus catch us at a festival in a brewery

Firstly, you can book your tickets now for the next Rhymes! It be happening on 10th April at Bedroom Bar and you can book your tickets here.

If you want in on the open mic ACT FAST, just book a ticket and select open mic. 6 slots available, go go go.

The theme for this one is Play. If you’re performing on the open mic you can write about the theme, or not, we don’t really mind.

In other news, several of us shall be performing at this here festival on 24th May called Hear No Evil. You should come and say hello to us and cheer our poems.

It’s in a brewery so there will be beer, so that’s a bonus. And as an extra special BONUS bonus, it’s all for charity. so you’ll be enjoying us, lots of other cool stuff like music and comedy, and you’ll be supporting Macmillan Cancer Support who support people with cancer. All good things.