Rhymes with Orange turns one year old!

It’s been a year. One whole earth year since Rhymes with Orange set up shop and started disseminating our lyrical service to the masses. To celebrate this mighty achievement, we are throwing a birthday party! It’ll be the usual Rhymes with Orange nonsense but with much more orange paraphernalia. We promise the following – Bunting (standard party behaviour), cake (standard party bahviour), FREE ORANGES (non-standard (exceptionally kind) behaviour) and more poetry than you can shake a lyrical stick at.

The open mic will be a bumper one, not least because among the prizes is an ORANGE SPACEHOPPER (cue audience *ooooooooo*s). We are excited to get a load of the open micers back that have graced our stage over the last year. They are the ones that have inspired us, kept us going and are the reason we are here – to help you get from page to stage.

So come to the night and help us celebrate – we are celebrating you, our audience, our faithful supporters, our orange shaker-enthusiasts, our poets, our comedians, our brave stage-goers, our limerick-virgins and limericks-pros, our Rhymes with Orange family!

Get your advance tickets now

Bedroom Bar (upstairs in the comedy theatre)
66-68 Rivington St, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3AY
Doors 7pm, show 8pm
£5 in advance, £6 on the door


Finally, we’ll leave you with a few words about the night from some of our Twitter peeps and attendees* to persuade you that not coming on 18th June will be the worst decision you ever made:


“Rhymes with Orange makes me feel vital with life and creativity and in some way, has saved me” – R.Boudour


“I thought it was going to be shit, but actually it was really good” – H.Winter


“Rhymes with Orange is the reason I am the man I am today” – Anand Modha (@Modhabobo), inventor of the term hypnorape


“Rhymes with Orange is the most fun you can have without lube” – Ellie “onesie” Dawes


*These were in no way harvested through leading questions or threatening tweets.



A little bit about who’s behind all this

We have just added a new page to the website to tell you a little more about our comperes and resident poets. Go and check it out and read a little more about who we are.

People behind the rhymes

Some Spoken Word Inspiration

It’s been a little quiet on the blog lately so I thought I’d share with you a few of the things and people that inspire us. When I say ‘us’, I mean your monthly hosts and co-founders of Rhymes with Orange, one video from each of which I have shared below with a little explanation of why they get us going.

Buddy Wakefield – Human the death Dance

Chris Wolfe’s inspiration

‘This video is crap. it’s shaky, the audio is tinny, the quality is poor. And yet the liveness of the poem and the poet come through. It gave me the chills and ignited the light over a new path for my poetry.’ – Chris

Polarbear – Jessica

Kim Pryor’s inspiration

‘My boyfriend in High School sent me this video and I think it was my first introduction to spoken word. I watched in awe as Polarbear told stories in ways I had never heard with such lyricism and sincerity. He made me care about what he was saying and feel what he was feeling – he had me holding onto every word that fell from his mouth and I was all like, “I need to learn how to do that”.’ – Kim

Tim Minchin – Storm

Thomas Muirhead’s inspiration

“There are two main reasons why I love Tim Minchin’s STORM. The first is his approach to argument, to influencing people, to convincing people: it’s a powerful piece. The dialectic of conversation around a dinner party, as Plato showed in his Symposium (don’t worry I’m aware dropping Plato into this makes me sound like a wanker – but it was an important book for me – OK), uses a social situation which makes what could be dry, logical argument into an entertaining mechanism to outline illogical positions and tear them down. The second is that he does it with such charm, lyrical inventiveness and theatrical performance that it’s great even if you don’t agree.” – Thomas

Rob Auton – Leaves

Stevie Tyler’s inspiration

“I love this video because it pokes fun at itself and some of the overly sincere videos out there. The poem is both funny and tragic – something I am drawn to increasingly in my writing and which I think Rob Auton does very well. A sprinkle of the surreal makes it less intimidating to the listener and that’s what we’re all about at RWO. And god, I love Rob’s flat vowels” – Stevie

Rhymes with Orange in numbers 2012

In Praise of 2012 (and us)

At the beginning of last year, no one knew of Rhymes with Orange, not even the future hosts, but by the end of May 2012, there was dream working its way down a pipeline ready to burst out as the June Rhymes with Orange debut night – intended as a one-off celebration of a challenge set by five intrepid writers.

Thomas, Kim, Chris, Stevie and Rachel had been writing from 7-9am on Wednesday mornings for a while (Chris and Rachel from way back in 2009!) and had challenged one another to write spoken word and perform it at a London open mic night. Not content with that, they decided that the best thing to do was to put on our own night. Just once. Just for our friends.

Thankfully, the enthusiasm of your hosts meant that one thing led to another and a monthly open mic night was born. And we have gone from strength to strength. Here is 2012 in numbers:

Rhymes with Orange in numbers 2012

We couldn’t have done it without the help and support of so many but props to Brette Carrigan & Danny Pryor for door duties, Michael Thackray for playing music man, Geoff Marsh, Thom Hoffman & James South for superb videography, the bar staff at Star of Kings, supportive other-halves and friends for putting up with an absent second-half/friend/mother/cousin for a good portion of the month and, most importantly, all you outrageously awesome people that have come along over the past 6 months and fully intend to come back every single time and also perform. Loads.

We’re veering on sentimental here, we know, but it just feels so goddamn good – we are so grateful for the fun we have had and for the chance to motivate you guys into getting some words out too! There is lots more to come in 2013 – writing workshops, more indecently-early writing breakfasts, more ad-hoc limericks and many, many more rhymes for you to devour.

Tell your friends, come again, clap for the brave stage-goers, write something – even if it’s shit, re-write it, re-write it again and then come play at Rhymes with Orange.

12th Dec – Mega Bumper Christmas Special

We’re bringing back our merry mix of spoken word, stand-up poetry, and creative mayhem to the dark streets of Kings Cross with our Mega Bumper Hyper Massive Christmas Special:

Past winners of the Orange Crush open mic make magic with your (holiday) seasoned hosts, Stevie Tyler, Kim Pryor, Thomas Muirhead, and Chris Wolfe. And plenty of opportunities for audience involvement!

This month’s Christmas theme is there to get the creative juices flowing, but whether you bring your lyrical cheer or listening ears, the open mic is there to ring in the holidays with whatever creative spirit you bring.

Rhymes with Orange began with 5 creative people, 7am writing groups and a challenge to perform our own spoken word…that spiralled wildly out of control!

Put the date in your diary! Tickets are for sale in advance – and might sell out.

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE – £6 : https://bookwhen.com/rhymeswithorange

And for no real reason I thought I’d stick in this stock image of christmas oranges:

September RWO saw a bumper open mic

Once again, we rocked the Star of Kings. Three great featured acts, before our biggest ever open mic with nine brave souls taking the stage.

Kim Pryor was the first featured act up with a depiction of a life in the future full of downloaded emotions. She followed that up with another in her nursery rhymes series – this time she twisted and tweaked the story of the ill-fated egg Humpty Dumpty with her usual wit and imagination.

Stevie Tyler was next up. She took us on a journey through a battle between love and passion – using Abelard and Heloise as references and metaphor. Then she teased us with a tale of her first time…getting a tattoo.

Chris Wolfe was the last of the featured performers urging us to rise up and shake off the dust of inaction before sharing that while Jesus only managed to turn water into wine – he turned his ex-girlfriend into a lesbian.

Then we saw nine people take the stage and perform their work. A huge range of really high quality stuff – from a withering Ode To My Own Face to tales of the repercussions of misspent youth, from high praise for gin in a can on public transport to a tale of a wedding from the priests point of view. A highly contested clapometer found Jason O’Dwyer (@dluxedj) to be our winner this month.

So come down next month – 24th October – to hear Jason and Geoff our winner from last month too, as well as our incredible bunch of featured performers.

We have a website!

This is the beginning of our journey and we are pretty thrilled you are taking it with us. This is our new website and we’d love you to take a look around.

See you at a rhymes with Orange event soon,

The RwO Team