Hi everyone. We think we might legally have to have a privacy policy now, so here it is.

What data do Rhymes With Orange have about me?

If you’ve booked a ticket, we have your name and email and we store this data under the legal basis “legitimate interest”.

If you’ve opted in to our emails, we have your name and email, and we store that data under the legal basis of “consent” (consent is sexy). That means you gave us consent to email you.

How we use your data

We use your data to allow you entry to the event you have paid for. We also use your name to put it in the pot for the Limerick Challenge, so someone can use it as a limerick writing prompt. If you ask for emails, we will use it to send you emails.

We never sell or share your data with anyone.

If you have not attended a Rhymes with Orange event in the past 8 years we will delete your data. We’ll also delete it whenever you ask us to. Also you can unsubscribe from our emails using the link in the emails whenever you like.

Something missing? Got questions? Email us at londonspokenword@gmail.com

OK, now you can go back to the homepage where all the fun is.