And so it came to pass that last night was another belting night of rhymes, words, songs, laughs, tears (happy and sad), moving and, of course, shaking. Not to mention David Bowie.

The Starman’s presence was felt throughout the evening as several poets took the opportunity to pay tributes both hilarious and touching. As well as Bowie we had:

– a cynical spaceman floating towards a black hole
– a Dragon’s Den pitch for the newly discovered SPACE TIME (between Sunday and Monday)
– a touching tribute to Christa McAuliffe, set to be the first teacher in space
– an angry pedant who hates Star Wars (‘there’s no sound in space!’)
– online comments about a ‘real life’ alien sighting
– a poem about kitchen sex

and waaaay waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more. We’re back on 24 March so see you again at the Bedroom Bar! Keep your eyes peeled for tickets, theme and those all-important open mic slots!